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The Hunter or The Hunted

"I took an oath to save lives"

Dr. Kenzo Tenma
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"One day, Dr. Kenzo Tenma ignored his boss's order and executed humanitarian rescue of a man's child. That's how this horrible story begins!!"


Tenma is a rather tall, thin, Japanese man in his thirties. When he was younger, he was always clean shaven, thin, but not emaciated thin, and he kept his dark black hair cut short so that it would not be a problem when he was in the operating room, as well as something easy to take care of. He is blessed by good looks, but does not care about them, nor does he use them to his advantage. Now that he is older and on the run from the police, he has even less time to deal with the way he looks. His black hair is longer now, and frames his face. It’s usually clean, though it has been known to become dirty the longer he travels away from a place with a decent shower and a change of clothes. Seeing as he was thin before, now he looks like a walking stick, showing that even though he is a doctor and should know better, he does not always eat unless he has to. While he was clean shaven before, now he has stubble along his jaw and around his lips, not even bothering to shave at times. He looks rather dirty and uncouth, but when given a shower, a few days of good rest, and enough food, he will look presentable


Tenma is an altruistic person as well as an idealist, and even through everything he has seen, his view of the world as never shattered. He is someone that wants to see the good in people, and he usually does. When Johan enters his life, he finds his view challenged, and as such, when Tenma cannot find any goodness within the young man, it is something that affects him greatly. With most people who are murderers, thieves, or anyone with a criminal streak, he can still find the good in the little things they do to help their family, or even random strangers. However, when faced with Johan’s inherent evil, he at first tries to rationalize it, like any other person. When faced with the constant horrific things that he plans and does, Tenma’s ideas and views are constantly shattered and put back together again and again. While Johan regards Tenma as a father figure, Tenma also feels like he is in a sort of father position as well. Unfortunately, while Tenma knows deep down that it didn’t start with him, he feels like he was the one to give birth to this ‘monster’, considering how he saved the boy from a shot to the head when he was young. That is why, when it comes to Johan, Tenma throws his Hippocratic Oath out the window, as much as it hurts him to do so.

One would think that this would push Tenma toward mistrusting people and seeing them in a different light, but when it comes to other people, he is still the same person; the one who finds the good in people, as well as being able to bring out the good in people. He even cares for his supposed enemies, such as his ex-fiancée Eva, the many policemen after him, as well as the main inspector that is chasing after him. Although he is now trained in handling different firearms, he still maintains a doctor’s mentality to never cause harm, and as such, he has a very difficult time in actually being able to shoot another human being. While he maintains that he is the one who needs to kill Johan, before he shot Roberto during the fire at the library, he always hesitated, and his hands shook. Since then, he’s changed in a very important way. While he has never been, nor will he never be a cold hearted killer, there is a switch that has been flipped inside him that now makes him more determined then before to do what is right, and to fix the horrible mistake he once made.

{Dr. Kenzo Tenma is being played for RP purposes by rougaroux}

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